Thursday, January 8, 2015


Regardless of whether or not you’re a hip hop head, DJ QBert needs no introduction. (For you young bucks unfamiliar with the living legend, simply type DJ into the search bar on YouTube and hit enter. We guarantee you’ll find at least one video of him showcasing his mind-blowing skills, within the first page of results.)

Today, Mass Appeal brings you the premiere of DJ QBert’s JELLYFISH LAZER FACE, a recap of his “Extraterrestrium: The Guided Space Tour,” which ripped through the U.S. this past fall. The mixtape was described to us as “an odyssey of future bass music,” and features tracks from Mr. Carmack, El-P, LOUDPVCK. QBert also delivers a few surprises from his upcoming instrumental release, Extramentals Vol. 1.

Stream and download JELLYFISH LAZER FACE below, and keep your ears locked in for the SXPXLZ snippet QBert teases at the end of the insane set.

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