Wednesday, August 26, 2015


New Mixtape @KayoHustle- xvi Chronicles the mixtape


Australian recording artist Mark Vincent Miller (born 25 June 1979), better known by his stage name The Sienna is pleased to announce the release of his new track “Just Have fun” on iTunes 25th of Aug.

Many of Mark’s songs, for which he does all the vocals himself, include mixes from various artists / bands that have influenced him, including Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg.

The Sienna is best known for his multiple-style singing ability. His vocal and musical ability ranges anywhere from 60's to 90's-style rock, punk, grunge, pop, dance, rap, hip-hop, country, jazz, and opera.

This year, with the releaseof his first major track, The Sienna shows his multiple-style singing ability, even on hip hop and dance tracks.

Mark believes 2015 is his year and the right time to properly release his songs and take his musical career more seriously.

"I'm going for it now. I don't think I can be categorized because I sing so many original styles, but all I can say is I hope people like my music because I write and record songs I want to hear. It's all from my heart,” Mark said.

New MIxtape @MurdaVDaDon- The Only Way I Live

New Mixtape @KColeKC @DaRealJGutta816- UNFINISHED BIDNESS VOL.1


New Video @Grizzy_James- Sleep Walking

New Music @stormakastorm- MAKING A MOVIE

New Video @MindOfElite- Greater Picture

New Music @kilimandjaro45- LAKISSA BA GO BOUDER BOUDER

Friday, August 21, 2015

New Video @50Cent- 9 Shots

New MIxTape @Black3Hill- Dollar And A Dream

New MixTape @JHeeMoney- The Appetizer

New Video @BabyShel100 - Raw Shit


Christopher Dooley aka Hurricane Chris entered the music business in 2007 at 15 years old, soyoung his mother had to sign his contract with Polo Grounds Music / J Records Bryan Leach. Hurricane’s rise in the music business was swift. The single that attracted Bryan Leach “A BAY BAY” was already the number one record in Canes hometown of Shreveport LA and with the push of Polo Grounds Music and J Records “A BAY BAY” quickly became the hottest single in the nation as well as the most sold ring tone, selling millions of A BAY BAY ringtones. Hurricane’s freshmen album “51/50 Ratchet” spawned 3 chart topping records A BAY BAY, Hand Clap and Playas Rock. Hurricane also had a huge strip club hit featuring Mike Jones “Drop and Givem 50”. In 2009 Hurricane’s sophomore album “Unleashed” gave Chris two more commercial hits “Hallie Berry” and “Head Board” featuring plies and Mario. Other successes during Hurricane Chris’s career included a shoe endorsement deal with FILA USA, his reputation of being one of the best freestyle rappers in the music industry and also the artist that started the ratchet movement that remains pop culture slang.

At the height of Hurricane’s career he was blessed with a beautiful son which quickly changed Chris’s priorities from splurging on expensive jewelry and cars to making sure his son a family would have a secure future. Hurricane took a brief hiatus to focus on his son and his family but never completely leaving the business he loved. Fans were able to catch exclusive freestyles posted by Chris to make sure he held a place with his core audience and fans of his freestyle, this strategy has keep Hurricane’s fans on the edge of their seats waiting for his return.

Hurricane Chris’s son is now 2 years old and in Hurricane’s own words “It’s time for dada to go back to work”!

Set to be released Labor Day Weekend summer 2015 Hurricane mixtape “Hurricane Season” is sure to blow his fans away. 20 plus songs will show he hasn’t lost his touch and is hungrier than ever. The lead single “Sections” produced by dj mustard and a feature by ty dolla $ign is a Club Banner that will pick up where Hurricane Chris left off, great commercial and radio success


The Greatest Hustler alive, TONE TRUMP, continues the launch of his upcoming project, "TONY" with a BRAND NEW VISUAL for his raw and unapologetic track "THE INTRO" . The amazing visual directed by Taya Simmons, documents and shares the Real Life Hustle and Wins of Tone and the work ethic behind the Top Notch INC CEO. With great energy and a super dope beat that drops hard by Smitti Boi, "The Greatest Hustler Alive" delivers his reality, truth and life in this piece like never before. A great Intro for the upcoming and highly anticipated release "TONY" hosted by the legendary DJ Kay Slay! Watch It, Share, Comment and Support A Real One! #TopNotchInc #Tony #Letswin!

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New Video @BulletBrak- Conversations


Darns “Yote Blaze” Petit-Homme; Jonas “JayKillz” Laplante; and Carlos “L.O.S.” Meleciano are the members of the Miami, hip-hop group – ¥ote Gang. Yote Blaze, founder of ¥ote Gang, along with JayKillz and L.O.S. have been writing and rapping since grammar school, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when DJs across the nation describe their music as “slap yo' momma in the face” type rhymes. Rebellion, their first album, can be found on Youtube; SoundCloud; Myspace; Song Cast; Amazon; e music and iTunes. ¥ote Gang is being played and featured on hip-hip, internet stations such as New York’s Live365 hosted by DB Monster; Atlanta’s NuRadio; and Miami’s Yote Gang’s track Drug Lords has been featured on #MakinMoves Mixtape Vol. 217 sponsored by Coast2Coast.

Yote Blaze

Yote Blaze, 20, of Haitian and Cuban decent, born in Houston, Texas, raised in Miami, Florida who’s influence have been Jay-Z; Kanye West; T.I.; Kid Cuddi; Spacejam Jaye; and Kendrick Lamar has been around hip-hip for as long as he can remember. His biggest influence is his older brother, whom he’d admire when battling against local Miami rapper, Philo B. That admiration eventually leads to motivation when he joins his older brother’s rap group called L.F.H. (Long Fang Hounds). In his sophomore year in high school, he got inspired to form his own group in 2011 that would later become…. ¥ote Gang. That same year, Yote Blaze recruits his “lil’ nigga” L.O.S.


L.O.S. (Level Outta Sight), 18, of Dominican decent, born in Miami, Florida, where his biggest influence in hip hop have been Q-Tip, Kendrick Lamar, The Roots and more recent, Pro Era, which is heard in his style and rhymes, but easily, with almost no effort, makes it his own. As the creator for most of the music and sound of ¥ote Gang, L.O.S. realizes that there’s one sound that seems to be missing from their duo, and decides to recruit JayKillz in 2012.

Jay Killz

JayKillz, 17, of Haitian and Cuban decent, born in Miami, Florida, has been doing his thing since the 4th grade. Realizing that he has a gift, he took his love for music ranging from Salsa and Merengue, Reggae and Kompa and parlayed the upbeat temples into his own style of rapping. Some might compare him to Meek Mill, but inspired by artists such as Biggie Smalls and 2PAC, and the love of the diverse music growing up, he made his sound a unique one, and he shows and proves that in his solo track “MoreThanMusic” featured on ¥ote Gang’s album, Rebellion. As JayKillz put it…...‘I’m just one of those artists that have the ambition and the will to put what I have up to the test’…. ‘I hope to be remembered as one of the great ones’.

New Music @RealJFields- Groovy

Justin Fields, a.k.a. JFields was raised in Ardmore, Oklahoma a.k.a. "Shadey Five-80." He survived a very difficult and unpredictable childhood. JFields first realized his love for music as a youngster, listening to artist like UGK, E40, Z-RO, TRAE, ANDRE 3000 and most local artists and other down south rappers and singers. JFields was brought up singing in a church choir so music has always fueled his soul. Making beats became a hobby of his, which evolved into his profession. JFields grinds hard to realize his goals and the potential of his greatness. His goal is to perform at top flight industry standard.Once you experience his music, you feel how JFields liquified the intensity of his pain and obstacles into the octane that fuels his passion for music. Over the past few years, JFields music career has steadily escalated. In addition to his musical and lyrical talents, JFields is REAL. The same experiences he goes hard about in his songs make him a loving Daddy to his baby girl as well as he is the life of the party; JFields is the guy who never meets a stranger. JFields has performed in various shows and locations across the state of Oklahoma including: 2Throwd Birthday Memorial Bash, Mango''''s Studio to the Stage Artist Showcase, Power 103.5 Hip-Hop Cypher, the Lions Den, and Kirko Bangz at Smitty''''s House of Music. In addition, he has built a very strong arsenal of music that includes R&B, EDM and Hip-Hop tracks, as well as an additional 60 original beats he produced. Anywhere this 26 year old young man goes people are mesmerized by his talent. It''''s only a matter of time before the whole world gets to experience the phenomenal music that JFields delivers.

New Music @YaBoy_Kwon- WHO DAT

New MixTape @ScroogeBucks- Operation Takeover

Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Video @VerseMuney- Meet Me At The Top Ft. Sherell Rowe


New Video @tonetrump- Tony Vlog Ep 1

Wavy, Focused and So Ambitious, The Greatest Hustler Alive introduces us to his alter ego in his NEW self titled Vlog series, TONY, based off of his highly anticipated street album hosted by the legendary DJ Kay Slay. The Greatest Hustler Alive drops jewels and gets us up to date on all the moves going on behind the scenes! It's West Philly to the World and he has no plans on stopping anytime soon. Watch, Share and Support Now! #topnotchINC #Tony #letswin