Saturday, August 15, 2015


Darns “Yote Blaze” Petit-Homme; Jonas “JayKillz” Laplante; and Carlos “L.O.S.” Meleciano are the members of the Miami, hip-hop group – ¥ote Gang. Yote Blaze, founder of ¥ote Gang, along with JayKillz and L.O.S. have been writing and rapping since grammar school, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when DJs across the nation describe their music as “slap yo' momma in the face” type rhymes. Rebellion, their first album, can be found on Youtube; SoundCloud; Myspace; Song Cast; Amazon; e music and iTunes. ¥ote Gang is being played and featured on hip-hip, internet stations such as New York’s Live365 hosted by DB Monster; Atlanta’s NuRadio; and Miami’s Yote Gang’s track Drug Lords has been featured on #MakinMoves Mixtape Vol. 217 sponsored by Coast2Coast.

Yote Blaze

Yote Blaze, 20, of Haitian and Cuban decent, born in Houston, Texas, raised in Miami, Florida who’s influence have been Jay-Z; Kanye West; T.I.; Kid Cuddi; Spacejam Jaye; and Kendrick Lamar has been around hip-hip for as long as he can remember. His biggest influence is his older brother, whom he’d admire when battling against local Miami rapper, Philo B. That admiration eventually leads to motivation when he joins his older brother’s rap group called L.F.H. (Long Fang Hounds). In his sophomore year in high school, he got inspired to form his own group in 2011 that would later become…. ¥ote Gang. That same year, Yote Blaze recruits his “lil’ nigga” L.O.S.


L.O.S. (Level Outta Sight), 18, of Dominican decent, born in Miami, Florida, where his biggest influence in hip hop have been Q-Tip, Kendrick Lamar, The Roots and more recent, Pro Era, which is heard in his style and rhymes, but easily, with almost no effort, makes it his own. As the creator for most of the music and sound of ¥ote Gang, L.O.S. realizes that there’s one sound that seems to be missing from their duo, and decides to recruit JayKillz in 2012.

Jay Killz

JayKillz, 17, of Haitian and Cuban decent, born in Miami, Florida, has been doing his thing since the 4th grade. Realizing that he has a gift, he took his love for music ranging from Salsa and Merengue, Reggae and Kompa and parlayed the upbeat temples into his own style of rapping. Some might compare him to Meek Mill, but inspired by artists such as Biggie Smalls and 2PAC, and the love of the diverse music growing up, he made his sound a unique one, and he shows and proves that in his solo track “MoreThanMusic” featured on ¥ote Gang’s album, Rebellion. As JayKillz put it…...‘I’m just one of those artists that have the ambition and the will to put what I have up to the test’…. ‘I hope to be remembered as one of the great ones’.

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